The guides here are generated by webdoc! You can contribute to the guides here (email foss[at] to get access) and to webdoc proper here.


webdoc is a documentation generator for web languages like JavaScript and TypeScript. The platform is primarily designed for authoring API documentation from source code and creating higher-level "tutorials" / "guides" from markdown files. These guides you are reading are the latter built using webdoc, in fact. It was originally developed for addressing the needs of the PixiJS ecosystem, which was transitioning from JavaScript to TypeScript at the time. JSDoc did not support TypeScript, and TypeDoc didn't support the full suite of JSDoc tags used in the PixiJS source code. That's why I started working on an alternative documentation generator with the following goals:

  • modular − webdoc is a plug-n-play system of different packages that allows you add new functionality on top of the platform with ease
  • fast - you shouldn't build time on generating documentation. webdoc's parsing engine is parallelized to allow for maximum performance.
  • non-opinionated - webdoc aims to support all JSDoc tags (although you'll need to help me with that!)
  • low-config - You can run webdoc without any configuration file! You can also create a webdoc.conf.json file to override specific default settings!


webdoc can be installed from the npm registry. It should be added as a devDependency:

# npm package manager
npm install --save-dev @webdoc/cli

# yarn v1 package manager
yarn add -D @webdoc/cli
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